Massage Einbeck


Enjoy being beautiful.

Cosmetics & Massages in Einbeck

FREIgeist visitors can also book massages or cosmetic treatments high above the rooftops, next to the relaxation room “PARK Zone“, our fitness room, 90° sauna and roof terrace.

In between your appointments or after an eventful day in the PS.SPEICHER, or a summer cycle tour through the meadows or before a cozy evening meal in the GENUSSWERKSTATT, take your time for a review of life.

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FREIgeist Massage

  • 25 min. partmassage á € 43.00
  • 50 min. full body massage á € 63.00
  • 90 min. full body massage á € 99.00

price: from € 43,00
(Price per person incl. currently valid sales tax)


Let your spirit free, relax your tensions and do something good for yourself. Our FREIgeist massage with natural products from L:A BRUKET and with neuromuscular and myofascial techniques, releases you from cramps and tensions deep into the tissue. The treatment is beneficial for your whole organism. So now, over to you …

Inclusive in-depth treatment for individual tension or pain areas.