FREIgeist Soundtrack

FREIgeist CD / Vol.1

  1. Feels like home
  2. Where i stand
  3. Gotta move on
  4. Time to waste
  5. Gr Gin Tonic
  6. Good times
  7. Turned my life around
  8. Hypnotized
  9. Back office
  10. Lights
  11. Heaven

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Producer Tom Marks and Georg Rosentreter, as executive partner of Hotel FREIgeistEinbeck, listened to hundreds of songs before they found the perfect sound. Work on FREIgeist Vol.1 lasted four months as on the CD there are no cover songs. All pieces were composed for the hotel by Tom Marks who, in writing the lyrics and selecting the singers, was inspired by theFREIgeist concept as an unusual designer hotel for unconventional thinkers. Themessuch as travelling, love but also pain can be found in the texts. “Feels like home” is about a place where one can immediately feel good, “Move On”is about the need to break out and after a separation, to get into a different frame of mind.FREIgeist Vol. 1 could previously only be heard in the hotel, but it is now available for €9. 99 from iTunes, Amazon, Musicloadand music retailers. To get a feeling for it, just take a look at this video.

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